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I once posted a short list of books critical of Scientology, stating that I hadn't been able to find this book (by Jon Atack) to make an assessment.

As luck would have it, I came across a copy of it today. I'm about halfway through it, and right now I regard it as the one indispensable and accurate source of information about the Church of Scientology. Atack isn't much of a writer-- he really just lists facts, without much style-- but the book is impressively well-researched, and distills much of the material published elsewhere (notably, Christopher Evans's "Cults of Unreason,").

By the way, apparently the above reference to Synergetics was NOT a mistaken reference to Bucky Fuller's insights, but to a Dianetics-like movement that existed in the late 40's with the same name.'

but, see if you can locate Atack's book. Between that and Russell Miller's, they constitute a formidable pair of books.

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