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Subject: Re: why not alt.philosophy.mafia?
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Date: 6 Aug 91 16:33:41 GMT
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In article <1991Aug06.143519.7140@kub.nl> kolb@kub.nl (Hans-Peter Kolb) writes:

> > Here in Europe the Scientology "Church" ...

Right he is in quoting the word "church" --- I could not figure out what makes this "Scientology" thing a church, or religious (apart from making people that are stupid enough believe someting tha is complete nonsense...[but this may belong to alt.atheism, sorry]

> ... is considered a dangerous sect using brain-wash methods > to gain power over people on the basis of some crypto-faschist > masterplan.

Isn't that the same in all churches/religions/sekts/whatever...?

> If such an organization can have its own usenet group, > then why not have an alt.philosophy.mafia group, > or alt.career.drugsdealing???

Now *that* seems like nonsense to me: This newsgroup ---as I understand it--- is not "run"/"owned"/whatever by the "Scientology" "Church", is it? So why not (at least) talk *about* them?

-- ...Wolfram

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