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>Wow, I just called a friend who did the Key To Life course at Flag last year. >He said that including materials he paid less than $8,000. He went on to say >that if he were to do it again he would gladly pay twice that. (Please note >that having done the course it is unlikely he will ever have to do it again).

Many people keep harping about costs of scientology. It seems to me as if the only thing these people are learning is about is how efficient an organization can become at separating men and women from their money, and making them believe they received some Great Knowledge in the process.

I attend a University. When I take "courses" I *learn* something. For instance, after taking a series of Physics courses, I can solve a variety of Physics problems, use certain laboratory equipment, etc. I can say, in reasonably quantiative terms, what I GOT OUT OF THE COURSES. All the claims I've read about scientology are very vague; what, exactly, specifically, is gained by dumping thousands of dollars into the black hole? What can a scientologist do after they've thrown away their money that they couldn't do beforehand? I mean, I can take a Physics test before and after the sequence, and we've established that I've learned something.

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