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Summary: How to spot a shyster.
Keywords: shyster;loser;brain-washed
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In article <15299@goofy.Apple.COM>, showen@applelink.Apple.com (Don Showen) writes: ALTERNATIVE CLEARING

> > We are totally independent of the Church of Scientology, and > our arrangements are completely confidential. If you have left the C > of $ or are contemplating leavingQor never got involved in the first > placeQjust know that you are NOT condemning yourself to the so-called > "dwindling spiral". You really do have other options. It sounds to me as though you are a bona fide graduate of the LRH College of Brain-washed Disciples yourself. You are preying on those who are a little confused and fear any sort of retributions by any false gods or "inner forces". No I don't know what your offer is all about but if it has anything to do with the cult of scientology or any of its tenets I can safely assume that you are as big a shyster as the rest of the meatballs who feel this cult is valid.

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