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Hullo -- I'm the poster who's gonn get my fiance' to take my mom's older-model E-meter apart. (Bear in mind that this is the model that comes in a little wood box, and not the glitsy-but-really-better version that is currently around. My mom went to Clearwater & saw one and it's good that while stealing is unethical, coveting is okay... :-)

BST, you're quite right in my mind about the cost. My mom, who thinks likewise (we're in the "poor bloke" catagory), explains this as: a while back, there was runaway inflation, so prices of stuff was inflated to match, at some percentage per year. Unfortunately, for some reason the call to go to a more reasonable percentage after the inflation settled down was late. :-( So things are an increment or two out of step with reality, IMHO.

Beats me as to how to fix this, though. With the demise of LRH, the Church seems to be pretty much fixed. Set in its ways, and all that. I understand that this is supposed to make sure that the tech doesn't get peverted into unusability, but that does mean that improvements are not very likely. It's enough for me -- I was happy with my Apple ][ till the Mac came along... :-) But dealing with *any* burro-cracy is the pits. If anybody knows any way to get to the Top-Of-The_Ladder, could s/he mention that some price cuts might be beneficial?

[Wish to diety I knew of a NON-FANATIC person that I could let loose on the Net to answer the questions I have no ideas on. But my main experience is with the people who come through Austin, Tx., and I guess Bible Belt Fanatic Fever is somewhat catching... The Net is no place for an "attack the attackers" mood -- that's what alt.flame is for. Glad I never read that policy. :-) ]


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