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Also note that these guys are for all intents and purposes, "excommunicate." Note that anyone who goes for their teachings first will have a harder time if they ever want to do something in the "Real Thing <tm>." They were also so "desperate" as to send FREE several _Free Spirits_ to my parents, each time saying subscribe now or we will cancel your issues! The quality of those issues was on the order of a moderately cheap fanzine -- Newspaper, newsprint, B&W, etc.

If you're interested in Scientology, go to a real <tm> org first and ask about the original stuff first.

And, if I recall correctly, the Free Spirit group is associated/founded by a Mr. Mayo, who took it upon himself to alter certain training manuals for auditors. I was accidently given said training manual, and can truthfully attest that the material was harmful to my understanding of the matter. I could not figure out what a revised statement meant, my study partner could not figure it out, and when we finally quit looking up words that we understood (on the assumption that it was our problem with the sentence) and asked the guy in charge of helping people taking courses, he referred us back to the original document (which was quite understandable, and had more humor than the "revised" stuff, IMNSHO).

I would also like to point out that advertising on the Net is tacky.

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