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In article <86312@eerie.acsu.Buffalo.EDU> salsbury@acsu.buffalo.edu (The Caterpillar Cannot Understand The Butterfly) writes: >Has anyone else been seeing these? How often do they change? They've >got some ...interesting (and laughable/frightening) things written in >them. Haven't seen any, but I don't read USA Today.

> "BEWARE THE ANTISOCIAL PERSON!" :) > > "If you've noticed any of the traits we've listed in yourself, >then you are most definitely NOT antisocial, for the antisocial person >cannot notice anything that would undermine their self-confidence. Of >course. Of course." :) > (That's a paraphrase...) It is, unfortunately, true. :-( I was in close contact with one for a number of years, and s/he is/was quite blind to all of the (probable, though I've not seen 'em) symptoms. *sigh* (Upon meeting this person, and skimming a book about the Tone Scale [an arbatrary-to-most "rating" for various emotions -- 1.1 is the Antisocial/Suppressive person], my non-Scientologist fiance' commented that "[S/he's] 1.1, isn's [s/he]?" It's that blatent. *sigh*)

(Not that someone who was a Saint of some kind mightn't not-find such symptoms, but said "Saint" would probably *think* about it and not dismiss it out of hand.)

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