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Summary: Einstein? A Scientologist? Huh?
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I have never heard that good old Albert Einstein was "One Of Us." You probably were talking to a Typical Fanatic Missionary who would do anything to get you in. Stupid philosophy. I have never seen an advertisment with Einstein in it. To my knowledge, the C of S has *never* used Einstein's name in any ad campaign. If you find such an ad, try mailing it to the org in Clearwater with your location and complaints (just location of the mission would be more appropriate). Signing your name would be polite, but if you don't want to put a return address, I won't have a cow.

Our books more expensive? Well, I'd say that *all* books are too expensive, I mean, $5.95 for a book I can read in 2-3 hours? Expense is a judgement call -- how much is being charged for what book?

I dunno where the money goes -- towards funding more missions in foriegn parts?

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