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covin@tartarus.uchicago.edu (David Covin) writes:

>The upshot is that the less money you have, the smaller a *percentage* >of that money you can afford to have taken away before you have to worry >about going hungry, getting thrown out on the street, etc. If you tax >the rich at the same rate as the poor, a tax that the rich will hardly >notice will cause poor people to default on their taxes or else starve. >And sales tax taxes the poor at a proportionately *higher* rate than the >rich.

>That is what is wrong with sales tax.

And what is *right* with the sales tax is:

1) It is simpler to collect. Can you imagine how many hours are wasted by hundreds of Americans doing their taxes each year? If we abolished the income tax, we could save all that time, and reduce the number of IRS auditors and the power of the IRS accordingly. Wonderful!

2) The progressive income tax discourages people from making money, by reducing the link between how productive you are and how much take-home pay you end up with. This is bad for the economy as a whole, including the poor.

>David Covin covin@despair.uchicago.edu

(of course, I'd like to abolosh the sales tax *too* :-) )

Glen Raphael raphael@fx.com

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