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In article <14255@pt.cs.cmu.edu> garvin+@cs.cmu.edu (Susan Garvin) writes: >In article <4985@beguine.UUCP> Elizabeth.Mccoy@bbs.oit.unc.edu (Elizabeth Mccoy) writes: >>Also note that these guys are for all intents and purposes, >[text about splinter group deleted] >>I would also like to point out that advertising on the Net is tacky. > >This is the funniest thing I've seen written here. What are >all of the scientologists doing here, if not advertising their >merchandise?

Hmm, what *are* all these scientologists doing here? I mean, they have no business in a group called alt.religion.scientolgy, do they? :-)

Actually, I've been quite surprised by the relative _lack_ of appeals to the "masses" and fanaticism of the Scientologists that post to this group, given the reputation of Scientology. It's nice to hear about the religion from people that are actually _in_ it, as opposed to disillusioned ex-members.

By the way, i've always wondered whether "Scientology" is capitalized due to the fact that it is a religion or that it is a registered trademark (like "Coke"). If it is a science, why isn't it just "scientology"? Also, did Scientology ever get the tax-free status it desired for so long?

-- Regards, Ken


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