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Subject: Progressive income tax
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In article <1991Aug7.204018.8446@fxgrp.fx.com> raphael@fx.com (Glen Raphael) writes: >And what is *right* with the sales tax is: > [...] > >2) The progressive income tax discourages people from making money, by >reducing the link between how productive you are and how much take-home >pay you end up with. This is bad for the economy as a whole, including >the poor.

I understand now! I keep seeing all these Wall Street types and industrialists and lawyers and whatnot saying, "Yeah, I *suppose* I could go earn another ten thousand dollars this week, but there's really no point to it. I'll think I'll just stay at home and read another dekalogy instead." So *that*'s why they're doing it. That's why nobody in the country seems to want to earn more than about $40,000/year. That's why nobody with a large salary gets upset about not getting raises. I understand it all now.

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