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In article <1991Aug06.143519.7140@kub.nl>, kolb@kub.nl (Hans-Peter Kolb) writes: > > > Here in Europe the Scientology "Church" is considered a dangerous > sect using brain-wash methods to gain power over people on the basis > of some crypto-faschist masterplan. If such an organization can have > its own usenet group, then why not have an alt.philosophy.mafia group, > or alt.career.drugsdealing??? >

There probably are. These groups are probably buried in the middle of the great list, and called sci.finance.alternative or something like that. If you look carefully you can find a rec.slaying.defenceless_animals.methods (rec.hunting), alt.mostly_mindless_drivel.waste_of_bandwidth (alt.fan.monty-python) not to mention several sci.no_posts_ever s, a lot of any_subject.about_100_postings_or_less.all_now_purged_by_the_server s, a good deal of alt. or rec. seemed_like_a_good_idea_at_the_time s, and a few alt. or rec. thousands_of_postings.but_completely_worthless_in_spite_of_that s.

Seek, and ye shall find - rubbish mostly.


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