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In article <1991Aug7.094520.332@parc.xerox.com>, lachman@parc.xerox.com (Hans Lachman) writes: > Lots of dissent! (Hit 'n' if not interested in sales tax.) > > In article <COVIN.91Aug2161638@despair.cs.uchicago.edu> covin@tartarus.uchicago.edu (David Covin) writes: >>You can >>only spend so much money on the basic necessities of life-- food, shelter, >>clothing, etc. But you have to spend for those *first*-- if you have >>very little money, that's probably all you spend your money on. So if >>a tax is levied on those commodities, it cuts into your ability to buy >>things that you absolutely *need*. It threatens your ability to live. >>David Covin covin@despair.uchicago.edu

> In article <CHRISTIR.91Aug3221258@mentor.cc.purdue.edu> christir@mentor.cc.purdue.edu writes: >>one problem with killing the income tax in favor of sales tax. large >>items. or more specifically large necessary items. houses, cars, >>etc.... >>if you don't tax the large items then you have the previously >>mentioned problems of tax dodging. >> >>it seems like this system, if it taxed all items, would reduce the >>poor man to renting all his life. not a desirable effect in my >>opinon. >>c. > > OK, here's an easy solution. Have a 3-tiered sales tax. "Basic necessities" > have a 0% tax rate, and includes items like groceries, clothing (excluding > excessively expensive items), and shelter (excluding houses that are not > your primary residence), maybe other stuff. The truly poor should not have > to pay any tax. If people on welfare don't, then the working poor certainly > shouldn't. > > "Usual consumer goods" that are not basic essentials for life could have > a medium tax rate, e.g., cars, consumer electronics, appliances, furniture, > and most of everything not yet mentioned that they sell in the mall. > > The "high tax" category could include luxury items such as yachts, fur coats, > and Ferraris, "sin" items like alcohol and cigarettes, and anything else the > government wants to discourage, e.g., gasoline. >

Hmmmm. Isn't this what the income tax is already doing? "A three-tiered tax causing equal tax burdens based on income," is basically what your three-tiered tax would do! > Hans Lachman > lachman@arisia.xerox.com


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