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Actually, Scientology is the first religion I have heard of that advertises on TV. Well, the Dianetics book is advertised, anyway.

My first experience with Scientologists was in 1984. I was in Portland Oregon for an electronics conference. Some female church member had sued the church the money she had paid for training and or personal improvement. I remember some number in the tens of thousands of dollars.

The Church of Scientology picketed the Portland City Hall and State Courthouse. I remember thinking I was seeing a strike of Delta Airlines pilots. There were a lot of people in what looked like pilot's uniforms talking into walkie-talkies. I stood at a corner waiting for the light to change and listened to one of them . Mostly he said something like, "Where are you? Im over here. Im going over there. Maybe you should go there too." Pretty ominous, eh?

The convention I attended was in the Portland Hilton, and my hotel was several blocks away, so I had to walk through the crowd every day for 4 days. I thought the whole thing was pretty wild, and I sided with the woman who wanted her money back. But, I made a mental note to try and figure the situation out. See, I dont put much personal energy into organized religion, though, if pressured, I will admit to being raised in the version that is headquartered in Rome Italy. They wont picket you if you try to leave. I wonder what happens if you ask for your money back? Hmmmmm....

To each his own. On the other hand, my cousin quit a very promising college career to go work for the Church of Scientology in New York City. As she always seemed to exhibit exceptional common sense and intelligence (very high grades at school, member of Mensa, Assoc. Editor of the college newspaper in her Freshman year) my family accepted her departure from her career path with reserved trust. However, after a while, she wore out her welcome by hitting everyone up for money at each family gathering.

She lived with a church official for a while and after she had twin boys, he left her for another, less motherly church woman. She's not in the church anymore. She didnt have to sue to leave. This official was happy to have her and his twin sons disappear. Guess there are sad stories of dependent personalities everywhere.

Im sure the church has helped many people too.


Needless to say, the Church of Scientology dosent sit well with my family.

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