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You describe a person who would lie to "save people from themselves"? *sigh* I know someone moderately like this... It's not ethical, no matter what rationalization/justification the guy uses, and if he was really getting proper auditing the auditor should have caught it and "handled" it. Pity you didn't "turn him in" -- people remember the unethical of a group longer then they remember the nice clerk who mentioned something favorable about the same group.

Re: Number of idiot-zealots. Well, go looking up the number of fanatics (martyrs) that sprang up when the XIan Church was setting up. Scientology is a rather "new" religion, and the fanatics haven't gotten tired of it yet. And due to the tech helping people be more effecient, they're *real effecient* obnoxious fanatics! :-(

"Handle" you? Not with a ten-foot-pole, my friend! Explain that I think you met what should be an atypical example (I would hope it is, but if not, it should be), and ask you to not judge the religion by the fanatics, maybe -- but I don't want you for a convert! :-)

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