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Okay. Valid questions.


>How do we ignorant out here know which group is more or less bogus? Uh... Ask on alt.religion.scientology? :-) In general, if the group professes to be a mission or Org/church of Scientology, it should be less bogus. (Most squirrel groups tend to combine Scientology with other stuff that is deemed "bogus" by the general public, hence, they are more bogus... :-) ) As far as I know, most offshoots claim to be such. If not, well, you ought to be able to explain that to a Real<tm> church later (and probably should, no matter what you think of either -- people should decide about things based on truth, not a bunch of people claiming to be the Real Thing <tm>).

>I've heard many horror stories regarding how the Church of Sci will >"attack" those who "leave the folds", and I understand it is their >policy to attack to "utterly destroy" these people who are declared >"suppressive"....none of these are my own words although they are >paraphrases. Well, yeah, I suppose that's probably true, though I don't know to what extent the "destruction" is meant. From my own experience with "squirreled" tech, I really don't blame that emotion. I suspect that this would refer more to active "squirrels," rather than people who just "blow." So yes, leaving and joining up with an "unauthorized" group could be problematical. [Not that the Xian Church didn't say similar stuff, ohhhhh, nooooo.... :-) ]

>Personally, these "squirrels" seem to be much smaller (and hence much >safer) places to go to get this information (whatever it is). Unfortunately, they'll give you *their* version of the information. I would argue that, due to the altered stuff, they are really more dangerous to one's mental health -- because if you get really involved in them, the Church of Sci will be harder to get into. There are a lot of small missions around, and one of those is basically the same as any other small group from what I've seen. So long as you don't give your phone number, and maybe address, you're safe from any Rabid Fanatics <tm> that might be wandering around. :-) Another reason that you should get the authentic stuff first is because the squirrels won't care -- your options are kept open. Finally, if you were thinking about joining Xianity, would you go look at a Jehovah's Witness's pamphlet or would you try to find a hefty Bible to get the "facts" on the religion?

>There's also this code that says "Never [fear] to hurt [another] in >a just cause". Care to explain this? That's in the Code of Honor -- it's pretty much optional. It means basically what it says. However, you have to be ethical enough to figure out what that just cause may be. (That's why it's very optional.) For instance, bonking a would-be rapist on the head and stopping him would count as a "just cause" for me. Giving the Final Injection to a cat with uncurable cancer was a "just cause" for me. Some might think that going to war and shooting other people is a "just cause." I don't knw on that one. Ultimately, whatever you do will be on your own conscience, and it will affect you according to your most-deeply held beliefs.

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