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Keywords: Sorry guys, but you *ain't* Scientology.
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Elizabeth.Mccoy@bbs.oit.unc.edu (Elizabeth Mccoy) writes:

>Okay. Valid questions.

Thank you. 8)

>><1991Aug7.222505.1085@jato.jpl.nasa.gov> (My quotes) >>How do we ignorant out here know which group is more or less bogus?

>Uh... Ask on alt.religion.scientology? :-) In general, if the group >professes to be a mission or Org/church of Scientology, it should be >less bogus.

Isn't that "bogus by the 'not invented here' syndrome"?

>(Most squirrel groups tend to combine Scientology with other >stuff that is deemed "bogus" by the general public, hence, they are more >bogus... :-) )

As a student of *all* religions, I have noticed many things in common with all of them. One of those things that is common is the concept of self-determinism...just because everybody else is of one opinion does not make it so for yourself. If it is not true for you, then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

>probably should, no matter what you think of either -- people should >decide about things based on truth, not a bunch of people claiming to be >the Real Thing <tm>).

I assume that means either the church or the squirrels (why do I feel like I'm talking about two sides of the same thing?).

>>I've heard many horror stories regarding how the Church of Sci will >>"attack" those who "leave the folds", >Well, yeah, I suppose that's probably true, though I don't know to what >extent the "destruction" is meant. From my own experience with >"squirreled" tech, I really don't blame that emotion.

Isn't sanity the ability to determine similarities, differences, and identities? If you've ever looked at Nazi Germany, and then at the C of S, wouldn't you see the similarity in dealing with dissent? How about looking at Sufism and the C of S...(Sufis believe that each person needs a different thing at a different time)...to see the differences?

For me, the scariest thing about the Church is that feeling of not being able to get out without severe harm.

>Unfortunately, they'll give you *their* version of the information. I >would argue that, due to the altered stuff, they are really more >dangerous to one's mental health -- because if you get really involved >in them, the Church of Sci will be harder to get into.

Maybe BOTH groups are better to stay away from.

>Another reason that you should get the authentic stuff first is because >the squirrels won't care -- your options are kept open.

Good point...assuming that the Church will let you go find them and comparison shop.

>Finally, if you were thinking about joining Xianity, would you go look >at a Jehovah's Witness's pamphlet or would you try to find a hefty Bible >to get the "facts" on the religion?

I'd observe a few Xianthians to see how they handled life and living. If I was impressed, I'd check into it further.

>>There's also this code that says "Never [fear] to hurt [another] in >>a just cause". Care to explain this? >That's in the Code of Honor -- it's pretty much optional.

How can it be anything but in a code of honor? 8)

>It means basically what it says. However, you have to be ethical enough to >figure out what that just cause may be. (That's why it's very optional.)

I guess. I can't think of a just cause for hurting someone at the moment.

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