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> Just so the, possibly intended, mis-conception is not assumed a truth: > "Here in Europe ..." implies a massive agreement which does not exist. > Allegations like this are best made as specific assertions provided > with substantiation, rather than hiding behind a cloak of "everyone" > in Europe. I believe the reference was to the majority of the populace > Several countries in Europe, Germany and Italy that I can remember, > are the fastest growing Scientology areas in the world. Probably because these areas have the most tenuous concentration. My fraternity has the distinction of being THE fastest growing for 13 years running; but that is only because we are a fairly small organization. > The book "Brain-washing" was published by the church to warn people > of the dangers of that activity. Scientology is not interested in > "power over people"; but rather in providing people with the power > to use their own intelligence in the solution of the problems of life. Well Dick if you need some organization to tell you what to do and how to do it, make silly charts and personal update reportsd to yourself then far be it from me to take away your security blanket. As for the rest of us "normal" people We can rely on our own inner fortitude and self derived philosophy to do the job thank you very much. > Dick

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