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I have a question about a "religion" that attempts to frame a woman for a bombing and that goes after people who have written negative reports on them: Does your doctrine somehow justify these actions? Is there a little wing of Scientology that's comprised of people that hurt those they consider a threat? If this is true of all religions, imagine the hit squad the Pope has! Why would a religion have full page advertisements in various newspapers to retaliate on claims made against them? Why not just issue a press release refuting said claims? The more attention you bring to the charges, the more will be heard not the rebuttals, but the accusations, giving them even more strength. Does the catholic church go media nuts when someone brings up their anti-abortion stand? I don't think so.

I think that what's important for all of us to realize is that Dianetics may work for some, but not for all. The people that say it's trash think that the people it's worked for are brainwashed, and the people that say it's a wonderful thing think the people attacking it are a bunch of idiots who don't know all the facts. Both sides may be correct in some cases, but easily not all.

My apologies if I've gone off my original question; these sort of things can lead one astray. Again, can any Scientologist defend the actions listed above? Please don't say it's propaganda, these incidents are more than well documented. Maybe one day we'll get lucky and an attorney from Scientology will break free and tell us what really goes on in L. Ron Hubbard's little club.

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