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In article <1991Aug9.183810.24861@jato.jpl.nasa.gov>, dave@jato.jpl.nasa.gov (Dave Hayes) writes:

>Isn't sanity the ability to determine similarities, differences, and >identities? If you've ever looked at Nazi Germany, and then at the C of S, >wouldn't you see the similarity in dealing with dissent? How about looking >at Sufism and the C of S...(Sufis believe that each person needs a different >thing at a different time)...to see the differences?

Actually, C of S reminds me in many ways of Orwell's 1984. They have their own language, which consists of either made-up words (enturbulate) and interesting extensions of real words (havingness, sexingness), along with large numbers of abbreviated and acronymic terms (org, MEST). They suppress dissent using various techniques that border on brainwashing or torture (the RPF, security checks, etc). They are intensely concerned with internal security and "thought police" (Ethics Officers). They try (or so it appears) to suppress (or at least diminish the significance of) the past, especially when it is unfavorable to Scientology (_The Scandal of Scientology_, _Bare-Faced Messiah_). All of these things remind me *VERY MUCH* of the society of Big Brother and 1984. Some of L. Ron's own statements ring very similar to things from 1984.

"One sees with some sadness that more than three-quarters of the world's population will be subject to the remaining [one-quarter Dianeticians] as a nature consequence and about which we can do exactly nothing" [1]

One can readily see who is to be the "proles" and who is to be the "Party" - both inner and outer. L. Ron also speaks of subjugating the people of the earth with an elite corp of Dianeticians (this is prior to the formation of the "Church"), and the Code of Scientology (at least in 1971) stated that one of their goals was to increase the _strength_ of Scientology as an organization. One might also note that LRH had the right to read through *any* pre-clear's folder.

Cheerio. Big Brother is watching.


1. Cooper, Paulette. _The Scandal of Scientology_, New York: Tower Publications, 1971. (p. 117, as quoted from _Astounding Science Fiction_, August 1950) -- Rho has made a few mistakes in her postings regarding to this subject. The first one is actually trying to reply. The accepted method is to ignore his [Bruce Woodcock's] posts in hope that they will go away. -- Dirque, in rec.games.mud

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