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In article <1991Aug8.214121.8950@cadence.com> jdm@cadence.com (Joe Mastroianni) writes: >Actually, Scientology is the first religion I have heard of that advertises >on TV. Well, the Dianetics book is advertised, anyway. The first one you've heard of? I recall seeing commercials for the Mormon Church as long ago as the late 70's. And what would you call those televangelists? It sure looks to me like they're advertising their religion. I wonder if there's any common element linking which religions use television to advertise. I was going to say that the older religions tend to be more bound by tradition and less likely to use "newfangled" methods like television, but fundamentalism such as the televangelists preach has been around for a long time. Maybe it's just that certain religions place a bigger emphasis on gaining converts than others, and they tend to use the method that will reach the most people. ------------------------------------------------------------------ __ Live from Capitaland, heart of the Empire State... ___/ | Jim Kasprzak, computer operator @ RPI, Troy, NY, USA /____ *| Disclaimer: RPI pays me to work, not to think. \_| "A spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission" -Rush =3D=3D=3D=3D e-mail: jimcat@rpi.edu or kasprzak@mts.rpi.edu

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