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In article <nhnmal-@rpi.edu>, jimcat@operators.its.rpi.edu (Jim Kasprzak) writes: |> In article <1991Aug8.214121.8950@cadence.com> jdm@cadence.com (Joe Mastroianni) writes: |> >Actually, Scientology is the first religion I have heard of that advertises |> >on TV. Well, the Dianetics book is advertised, anyway. |> |> The first one you've heard of? I recall seeing commercials for the |> Mormon Church as long ago as the late 70's. And what would you call |> those televangelists? It sure looks to me like they're advertising |> their religion.

I'm not a Mormon, so I don't have any vested interest in defending them. At any rate, up until a couple of years ago, the Mormons ran TV ads that centers on saying "Spend time with your kids," or "A good family life is important." All of this was just non-committal, public-service announcement stuff, that ended by saying "This message brought to you by the Mormons," or something like that.

Nowadays, they're doing spots that are a bit more blatant, but they aren't asking for money, they just want to send you a copy of the Book of Mormon. I suppose that a few months later you'll get a knock on the door from some Mormon missionarries. If you really want a Book of Mormaon without paying for it and you don't want to get on their mailing list, what you should do is the next time you stay at a Marriot hotel, check the nightstand drawer. Right next to the Gideon's Bible is a Book of Mormon. Seems that the Marriot family takes their religion fairly seriously.

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