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>>"Brainwashing" was, as i recall from my reading, written by LRH.

>to the best of my knowledge there is no actual proof of this... >although there is much speculation.

jon atack, in "a piece of blue sky", states (p. 140):

At the end of 1955, the "Hubbard Communication Office" in Washington, DC, published a peculiar booklet on "psychopolitics" written by the Soviet cheif of the secret police, Beria. In an elaborate charade, Hubbard claimed the booklet had arrived anonymously, and mentioned a version in German, published in Berlin in 1947, and discovered in the Library of Congress. The Library has no such record of the German booklet. The version published by the Scientologist cannot have been writeen before December 1953, as there are several references to the "Church of Scientology." In fact, the author of _Brainwashing_ was none other than L. Ron Hubbard. There are two witnesses, and the literary style and the slant of the contents provide further evidence of Hubbard's authorship:

atack then quotes a passage from _Brainwashing_ as an example.

atack cites the following as sources for this claim: _The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology_, vol. 2, pp. 309 & 312; letter to author from Henrietta de Wolf; interview with former executive at Washington, DC.

-- Rho has made a few mistakes in her postings regarding to this subject. The first one is actually trying to reply. The accepted method is to ignore his [Bruce Woodcock's] posts in hope that they will go away. -- Dirque, in rec.games.mud

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