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Subject: non-Scientology methods
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Date: 12 Aug 91 16:09:47 GMT
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I wish to register my approval of postings that inform us of activities of non-Scientologist people and organizations. If not for such postings, I wouldn't even know they exist. I'm glad there is a forum now where such information can appear!

In particular I refer to info on "Free Spirit" magazine, which I will subscribe to as soon as I get my free issue, and someone's message offering counselling ("auditing") independently of Scientology.

My main complaint so far regarding these postings is the excessive reliance on Scientology terms. It's like they hate the church and Hubbard, but are still suckered into the terminology of that which they dislike! For example, why use the term "scientological processing", which is so... so... nonpragmaticistic? May I suggest "recall counselling" instead. Or why say "auditing" when everyone else not in Scientology says "counselling".


I am sorry Ms. McCoy has had trouble with fanatics from Austin. This may derive from the fact that Mary Sue Hubbard attended (but never completed) studies here at U.T. Austin. Mary Sue was Ronnie's third wife who he sent to jail in his stead and never deigned to see her in his last years as an eccentric recluse. (Sign up for Scientology Marriage Repair auditing now!! Cheap at only a few hundred dollars an hour!!) Yep, his third wife... and remember, Ronnie was the world's foremost expert on communication and the human mind (and a few other things too). He also disinherited 2 of his own children, with a third committing suicide (when that happened he was livid with rage because of what this could do to Scientology's reputation!!). "L. Ron Hubbard: the only human being ever to FULLY solve the problem of the human mind!"

Interesting reading:

L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman -- by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard Jr.

Bare-Faced Messiah -- by Russell Miller

Also note that many of Hubbards own writings damn himself, if you read them with the same degree of skeptical care you probably read the daily newspaper with.


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