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In article <1991Aug12.152746.8307@cs.sfu.ca> thomson@cs.sfu.ca (Brian Thomson) writes: [stuff deleted] >Incidentally you missed a few other stereotypes. Many people complain >about the wide eyed, vacant stare-into-the-eyes you get from >Scientologists. Anybody out there got a bigger list? > >-BST

This stupid wide eyed stare was a misapplication of the training routines called TR's. They never had their TRs done right. In addition to that they acted like "cult members" giving Scientology the appearence of a cult. WRONG! I'd like to take those people, slap them and then make them do their TRs right.

Most of that wide-eyed stare business was several years ago before the professional TR course was released so it should be rare now but if you ever see a scientologist with that stupid stare tell him/her to do his TRs again and do it right this time. Some people are an asset, others are a liability. Party on dudes!

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