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gaf@uucs1.UUCP (gaf) writes:

> The original poster used the word "argot" instead of the already > existing and well understood word "jargon". I'm not picking on that > person at all, I just use that as an example of how Scientology has > needlessly invented a word to replace one which is already well > established in the language.

My trusty old "Concise Oxford Dictionary" (which predates scientology) says:

argot n. Jargon or slang of a class or group, forerly esp. of thieves. [F, of unkn. orig.] ^^^^^^^

Seeing what Church of Scientology is doing to the life savings of some of its followers, I believe that the original poster must have deliberately used that particular word.

"Argot" is just as existing as "jargon". How well understood english is in the colonies is a matter of opinion :-) .

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