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> Anyone out there get or about to get the new NOTS rundowns yet? If > you are and coming to AOLA let me know. I'm just getting another > intensive together to start mine. Maybe I'll see you in the lounge. > > ARC > Leny Freeman > lfreeman@phad.hsc.usc.edu

How to contact a true scientologist*:

Wear a gaberdeen overcoat and carry a rolled up copy of the L.A. Times under your left arm. Do not make a direct approach but walk slowly around the target approximately five times, then stop, inhale deeply, take some snuff if you have some, or chalk dust if you do not, sneeze exactly thirteen times (this will not be difficult), then roll over onto your back and rub your shoulder blades together, emitting a high-pitched buzzing noise.

This may not help you get your "intensive" together but it will give anyone present a bit of a laugh and should stop you getting an academic job, even at USC, for quite some time.

* i.e. one who hasn't fallen under the $pell of the Hunger Project, or the Forum (TM) -- see under bozo sci-fi and grand delusions

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