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In article <1991Aug9.235304.27205@fxgrp.fx.com> raphael@fx.com (Glen Raphael) writes:

>the flat rate tax that appears to be proposed would discourage poor >people from owning anything.

No more than it would discourage rich people.

yes. because the poor people can little afford the extra costs that a higher sales tax would cause.

take for example a person making $4000 or less. this person is going to be paying $0 in income tax, and perhaps 6% (give or take) in sales tax on part of his income. take and increase the sales tax to 15% then you more than double the amount of tax this person pays. this person is going to have less money to purchase items with. even if you take a person who makes more than $4000 you will find that you are still going to be able to find a person who will be paying more. (give me a few days to scrounge up tax forms and i'll give you exact figures. i only know this much becuase i was making less than $4000 taxable income while i was in college.)

>also, you make the assumption that the only reason that people are >poor is because they don't try hard enough, or they are discouraged >from making money.

Nope. I just assume that it is *a* reason, not the only one.

i believe you are incorrect. people that i know that are poor do work hard for the money they have. these aren't people that aren't working hard, or don't want to make more money for fear that it will get taxed...



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