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>In article <35066@usc.edu> lfreeman@phad.hsc.usc.edu (Leny Freeman) writes: > > In article <CHRISTIR.91Aug10155940@mentor.cc.purdue.edu> christir@mentor.cc.purdue.edu writes: > > >> By the way, most Scientologists are not rich. We work for a living. > >no. i imagine it would be hard to be rich while paying someone lots >of money for classes and auditing.

Then they must not be very rich to begin with, or stupid for "turning over" all their money, which the church has never asked me to do. When a person decides to do Scientology seriously, they will find a way to do it without going into the poor house. Anyone (and there are a few) who blindly donates everything and runs up bills they can't pay is a fool who has parted with their money.

Then rather than taking responsibility for their mistake they blame the church. In the free world you still have the power to say no, up yours etc.

> How about you or are you still living off of daddy?

> >a) i find it reprehensible that you would stoop to a personal attack. >i would hope that this does not reflect on your scientology >background.

No it doesn't, I sometimes enjoy being a jerk. :-) There's a wide variety of people in the church just like anywhere else.

> >b) i have been on my own (paying all my own bills including classes at >usc) since i was 17. and before that i was working 3 jobs to pay for >a number of my expenses as well as school. > >c) i have NEVER lived off of daddy.

Given what you have stated in b) reflects on what I said above about when a person really wants something he/she will make it happen. It looks like you're making it happen. Personal attack withdrawn.

> >can you claim the last two? Yes I can. Good luck Christi.


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