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In article <GOEHRING.91Aug21181703@mentor.cc.purdue.edu> goehring@mentor.cc.purdue.edu (Scott Goehring) writes:

> He wrote them, but was not allowed to claim them as his own. > > >SCIENTOLOGY WORKS!! > > Yes, this I believe. Scientology succeeds very well in its primary > goal: to make LRH (or, now, David Miscaviage and company) very very > rich.

Rich? Surely you jest. Don't these prices - oops, donations, seem reasonable to you?

TRAINING Hubbard Dissemination Course $250 New Era Dianetics Auditor Course $4440 Auditor Internship $1100 Saint Hill Special Briefing Course All six levels $9375 each level $1875 Class VI Internship $1750 Student Hat Study Course $688 Hubbard Professional TR course $1485 Method One Word Clearing co-audit $688 Professional Co-audit $517 Solo Course Part I $2211 Solo Course Part II $1441

PROCESSING Clear Certainty Rundown per 5 hour intensive $1859 OT Preparation auditing per 12 1/2 hour intensive $4660 OT Eligibility auditing per 12 1/2 hour intensive $4660 HGC Professional Auditing for Grades, NED Auditing, Objectives, Method One word clearing in the HGC, etc. per 12 1/2 hour intensive $4660

BOOKSTORE NEW Hubbard Dissem Course Manual $100 NEW Organization Executive Course Volume 0 $72 Technical Bulletins by L. Ron Hubbard all 12 volumes $1200

Special! Color Hubbard Mark VI E-Meter (tm) pastoral counseling device Reg. Special Black $3328 $2600 Reg. Mark VI $3667 $2300

All prices are quoted from the order form insert in Issue 146 of CAUSE, a publication of the American Saint Hill Organization Foundation in Los Angeles. (from 1986, I think. It was addressed to a previous resident of a house where I lived at the time.) The banner says the ASHO Foundation "delivers upper level training and OT Preparation Auditing to Working Scientologists (tm) Evenings and Weekends."

This issue of CAUSE also urges you to buy a *second* E-Meter (tm) with the following ad:

-------------------------------------------------------------------- [Picture of an E-Meter (tm)] Computer Accurate The perfect companion to your 100% standard tech

Buy your second meter NOW

HCOB 4 December 1977 _Checklist for Setting up a Session and an E-Meter_ states as items "..31. E-METER 32. SPARE METER 33. PRELIMINARY METER CHECK." (LRH)

What could be more important than being able to continue a session where, say, an engram chain is successfully being contacted and run out, despite a sudden and inexplicable malfunction of the meter? A second meter is something no true professional will do without. Do you have one? --------------------------------------------------------------------

So apparently you're supposed to shell out $4600 for two E-Meters alone.

On another page is a description of LRH Tech Films, some of which show you how to use the E-Meter. I think the description of film EM6 is interesting:

EM6: False Tone Arm In this important film, Ron brings the student to full understanding of the subject of False TA -- and finishises off any problems he'll have with it from here on out! The scene is an org in trouble! Some pcs [pre-clears] have, of all things, requested refunds. Auditor Bill Keen is at the root of the mess and this is the story of how he comes to an understanding of his problems and of his own case in the process. No auditor can call himself trained until he fully grasps the subject of False TA.

Imagine that. People becoming dissatisfied with Ron's infallible tech and requesting refunds, of all things. I assume our hero, Bill Keen, finds a way to keep their money.

Larry Doering Disclaimer: I've never been involved with Scientology, so I have no idea how the courses above fit together or how many of them the student needs to take. I'm also not related to Scott Goehring in any way, even though our names rhyme.

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