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Yeah, I'll bet that the "Church of Scientology" would let a truly devoted member stay on if s/he ran out of money! You have no power of saying "no" if you are truly devoted to a cause; except in Scientology's case where they can say "no" to you if you lack funding.

Scientology: The Religion Of The Rich! <SARCASM OFF>

well, actually, yes...

just sign this here billion year contract and you can stay on without money. oh, just ignore those little clauses... yeah, that one that says you will be working for peanuts ... and that one that says that if you decide to leave you will owe the church everything you own plus some...

put in simplier terms... people who don't have money can sign contracts ranging from months/years to billions of years. they will work for the church in exchange for classes, room and board (maybe), and a few dollars a week (literally, not figuratively). while working for the church they may have to work several days straight without sleep, or may be put on a diet consisting of no more than beans and rice once a day. if they decide to leave the church before the contract is up they will end up owing the church for all the classes they took (including classes that trained them how to do their jobs), and for any auditing.

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