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In article <1991Aug22.145929.11774@hellgate.utah.edu>, sgandy%peruvian.utah.edu@cs.utah.edu (Sildem Gandy) writes:

>Considering your knowledge of abreactive therapy I would hazard a >guess that you are a psychologist, or work in that field. Is that >so?

Why do you ask? So that if the poor soul says yes you can vituperatively attack him/her for being an evil mind-destroying person (as is required by Scientology doctrine)?

I've noticed that you constantly attack the people you disagree with with claims of "you haven't read this or that". I would like to see you post references to your claims. To wit:

|Message-ID: <1991Aug21.144850.9141@hellgate.utah.edu> | |Clearly you haven't read much of LRH's work yourself, else you would know, |or at least be familiar with that fact that he says right in the beginning |of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health that much of what he |was writing was discovered by others and that he was consolidating it and |putting it into a workable form.


|Message-ID: <1991Aug22.145929.11774@hellgate.utah.edu> | |You obviously missed reading the part where LRH gives credit to Freud for |the discovery of the engram chain etc.

Please produce citations for these claims. I would like to check them myself. I have a hardbound copy of the 1951 edition of Dianetics (which has not been subject to revisionism, unlike the later, more popular versions), and can access most of the non-secret materials.

Oh, and furthermore:

>I don't know of anyone who has been harmed by LRH, but I know >personally hundreds of people who have received Dianetics and >Scientology counselling who have rave reviews of it. I am also a >trained New Era Dianetics Counselor and I know how effective it is.

Of course you don't know of anyone that has been harmed by LRH/Scientology. Scientology declares such people SP (anyone who fails to benefit from Scientological therapy did so because they have, what was it, withheld overts, I believe is the term, and is therefore probably an enemy of the Church; therefore, suppressive). You as a Scientologist may not contact SPs; in fact, you are expected to treat them as if they never existed. So you never meet any of these people. They nonetheless exist, despite your (and Scientology's) claims to the contrary.

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