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In article <CHRISTIR.91Aug22174222@mentor.cc.purdue.edu> christir@mentor.cc.purdue.edu writes: >just sign this here billion year contract and you can stay on without >money. oh, just ignore those little clauses... yeah, that one that >says you will be working for peanuts ... and that one that says that >if you decide to leave you will owe the church everything you own plus >some...

It's really hard to reply to something like this without being rude and obnoxious, but I'll try anyways. Where do you get your info that the Personnel Procurement Officer advises people to ignore the little clauses? At the bottom of the form it says, right above the signature line, that you attest you have read this fully and understand it, and have not gone by a misunderstood word. Does the truth hurt your case too much for you to bear it?

As far as the freeloader debt is concerned, I'll have you know that the Ventura mission and I are looking into my experience with the San Diego org and are pretty sure they can have my freeloader debt waived because I was put through so much crap. Like I said in an earlier posting, org quality varies widely. Our resident ex-Sea Org member would like to belive that the Sea Org is the elite and thus his experience should have been ideal, but if even a small fraction of the people in his org were like him (e.g. suppressive seniors, long hours, etc.) then no wonder that org was messed up.

I would reply to your second paragraph but it was no better than the first.

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