From: ssurawls@rosemary.cs.reading.ac.uk (Ian Rawlings)
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Subject: What IS scientology??!?!?
Summary: I am trying to find out what one of my lecturers was prosecuted for
Keywords: ignorant, confused, curious, nosey
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Date: 23 Aug 91 14:24:41 GMT
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Well, call me ignorant, call me stupid, call me on weekdays only, but I don't even know what scientology is. I just noticed your group in News and remembered that a lecturer at my previous college (Mr Pritchard at the Southampton Institute of higher education) was hounded by the press, who were accusing him of trying to brainwash us students into joining scientology.

Not being a relegious person at all, I am just being curious. If anyone out there would like to put my mind at rest and also supply an introductory letter to others (I found nothing about what it is in the=20letters I read) then I am sure that would be of benefit to us all.


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