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>As far as the freeloader debt is concerned, I'll have you know that >the Ventura mission and I are looking into my experience with the San >Diego org and are pretty sure they can have my freeloader debt waived >because I was put through so much crap. Like I said in an earlier >posting, org quality varies widely. Our resident ex-Sea Org member >would like to belive that the Sea Org is the elite and thus his >experience should have been ideal, but if even a small fraction of >the people in his org were like him (e.g. suppressive seniors, long >hours, etc.) then no wonder that org was messed up.

Yes, it is truly amazing how generous the Church is. They will graciously forgive a large debt, just so they can take you for more money, or if you still don't have any, gladly take your services for little or no recompensation.

As far as org quality varying widely: I suppose this may be so. Some orgs might only force you to work 14 hours a day, instead of perhaps 16 or 18 or maybe even 20. If it's a really good org you might get by with only 12 hours a day, and a half day off once a week.

No thanks, I'll stick to 8 hr/day and at least $4.25/hr. I'd rather work for Micky Dee's than for one of these slave drivers.

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