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In article <GOEHRING.91Aug27085716@mentor.cc.purdue.edu> goehring@mentor.cc.purdue.edu writes: |In article <17756@life.ai.mit.edu>, whatis@gnu.ai.mit.edu (....What Is?....) |writes: | |>As far as the freeloader debt is concerned, I'll have you know that |>the Ventura mission and I are looking into my experience with the San |>Diego org and are pretty sure they can have my freeloader debt waived |>because I was put through so much crap. | |Yes, it is truly amazing how generous the Church is. They will |graciously forgive a large debt, just so they can take you for more |money, or if you still don't have any, gladly take your services for |little or no recompensation.

The conspiracy theories being put forth on this newsgroup are getting hilarious. Are you listening to yourself? Are you trying to uncover the truth, or are you just attacking using any means possible?

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