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>The conspiracy theories being put forth on this newsgroup are getting >hilarious. Are you listening to yourself? Are you trying to uncover >the truth, or are you just attacking using any means possible?

I merely report what I see. And what I have seen of Scientology is a great willingness to expect people to work for them for inordinately long hours for low pay. An acquaintance of mine once admitted to having worked for 3 days without sleep on one occasion and regularily working for 12 to 15 hours a day, all for about $2 a week. I doubt he had any reason to lie; he is still supportive of Scientology.

The only conspiracy is the conspiracy to keep Scientologists from seeing how their Church is using them. -- It's because you...piss...me...off. -- Russ Smith, in rec.games.mud, said to Bruce Woodcock

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