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In article <17807@life.ai.mit.edu>, whatis@gnu.ai.mit.edu (....What Is?....) writes:

>You didn't listen to the FIRST thing we said. We don't _believe_ >anything! We're expected to take everything on our own terms!

Ho hum, Church Doctrine. Please, turn off the tape recorder, Mr. Boswell. I don't need you to tell me that the Church tells you that you accept things on their own terms.

Anyway, you haven't done OT3 yet, have you? Have you done any of the OTs (or NOTs)?

>Isolated from the public by the Church. How do you fathom they did >this? Do they keep me locked up in a room all day? Do you think they >sit there and dictate what I can and can't do?

How many of your close acquaintances are not affiliated with the Chruch? And how often do you see your Ethics Officer?

>Borders on the ludicrous. I could say the same thing about >psychiatry and Christianity (I've been seriously burned by >Christianity). I wonder if you would put your own beliefs up to the >same acid test that I'm forced to put mine up to.

What beliefs? You don't even know what my beliefs are. For that matter, neither do I.

>I have nothing against squirrels. Why do you insinuate that I do? >Or do you just enjoy generalizing to help your own case?

Then why did the Church issue directives to "Stamp Out Squirrels"? -- It's because you...piss...me...off. -- Russ Smith, in rec.games.mud, said to Bruce Woodcock

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