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Subject: Re: Perfectionism (was Re: L. Ron Hubbard was an egregious sexist.)]
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[thanks to Scott Goehring for forwarding this message to me... it didn't show up on our system]

Bring me the head of Sildem Gandy, who said: >In article <19188@scorn.sco.COM> jondr@fscott.UUCP (Dances With Voles) writes: >>No one yet knows why sgandy%peruvian.utah.edu@cs.utah.edu (Sildem Gandy) said: >..... >It's a bit general to say *no one knows*.

That's an automatic thing that happens when I follow up articles. Don't sweat it.

>>First, I noticed that you quoted the words of Mr. Hubbard almost verbatim >.... >If I had the source material at hand I would have. I should have been more >specific and said that he said "none were major or basic".

I wasn't looking for rote regurgitation of the pronouncements of Mr. Hubbard; I was trying to point out that you have become so conditioned by his "church" that you parrot off his stock responses rather than thinking critically and providing your own thoughts. I noticed you totally neglected to respond to the part of my article where I asked what suggestions were offered that Hubbard refused, and how precisely they would have hurt people. Well? I'm still waiting...

>You obviously missed reading the part where LRH gives credit to Freud for >the discovery of the engram chain etc.

Yes, clearly I did. Now where was it, exactly?

>I don't know of anyone who has been harmed by LRH, but I know personally >hundreds of people who have received Dianetics and Scientology counselling >who have rave reviews of it. I am also a trained New Era Dianetics Counselor >and I know how effective it is.

You should try reading the Jon Atack book. What about Paulette Cooper? Wait, let me guess... the suppressives responsible are no longer operating within the organization. This is so 1984ish... "unpersons!"

>Considering your knowledge of abreactive therapy I would hazard a guess that >you are a psychologist, or work in that field. Is that so?

Nope. I just have an open mind. Try it some time.

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