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In article <Q85}5R?@warwick.ac.uk> esrne@warwick.ac.uk (Mr P I Neaves) writes:

What ?!!???

Who takes Scientology seriously ?

All sounds rather sad really.....

Haven't people got better things to do ?



Someone finally got the point. Admittedly, brainwashing is not fun fun stuff, and deprogramming is not fun either, but if people want to go into the Church of Scientology, it's their own problem...I have too many things to deal with on my own, much less one of the most insidious rackets in the United States.

-Matthew Frederick Ringel

PS: L. Ron Hubbard and P. T. Barnum are down in the ninth circle, and both of them are laughing their heads off!

PPS: Flames > hell, they could probably use a few more.

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