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In article <1991Aug31.165532.335918@locus.com>, eastin@locus.com (Dick Eastin) writes:

> The true story of Scientology is simple, concise and direct. It is > quickly told: > 1. A philosopher develops a philosophy about life and death;

Hmmm, I wonder why that was changed to "philosopher" from "doctor of philosophy" in my edition.

> Scientology ... endeavors to help the individual discover past > experiences....

What sort of information from previous lives is recollectable? For example, if you were a literate Etruscan in a previous life, would you be able to read Etruscan inscriptions? If so, why has no interpretation of Etruscan inscriptions been put forward that has convinced scholars? And if not, how is it that other memories are preserved while language abilities are not?

> ... you can't over-value the state of Clear. It has never been > achieved before.

L. Ron Hubbard has been quoted as saying: "Neither Lord Buddha nor Jesus Christ were OTs according to the evidence. They were just a shade above Clear." The reference is to Ability No. 81, 1959. Is this quotation authentic? If so, how do you reconcile LRH's statement that Jesus and Buddha were Clear with your statement above that Clear "has never been achieved before"?

> Submit sincere questions by e-mail.

I'm posting rather than e-mailing because I'm a "suppressive person", but my questions are nevertheless sincere.

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