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I was talking with a friend of mine about Prozac, a new anti-depressant that has helped a number of people. He knows quite a lot about psychiatric drugs; he claims that Prozac has gotten a bad reputation lately due to a smear campaign by the Scientologists.

As I recall, the claim made (not necessarily by Scientologists) is that some who have taken Prozac have died as a result, i.e., Prozac is directly responsible for their deaths, therefore Prozac should be taken off the market. Another friend told me that the medical literature that comes with the medicine includes a rebuttal of sorts: two people have died, but one person who died took something like 10 - 100 the recommended dosage, while the other had quite a lot to drink (in general, anti-depressants and alcohol together is a no-no). Thus my bias is that is not as dangerous as rumors suggest.

My questions to all follow:

(1) Have the Scientologists mounted a campaign against Prozac?

(2) If so, why?

(3) What is the church's opinion on modern psychiatric methods? (I know there's no consensus among psychiatrists on how to treat neurosis, personality disorders, etc., but what, if anything, do the Scientologists object to?)

n.b. I am not making libelous statements about the Scientologists, so don't waste time posting caustic responses to me. I am merely looking for informed responses to the questions above. I am not interested in besmirching the Church of Scientology.

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