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In article <1991Sep1.200141.15975@cs.UAlberta.CA> userisra@mts.ucs.ualberta.ca (Mark Israel) writes: >In article <1991Aug31.165532.335918@locus.com>, eastin@locus.com >(Dick Eastin) writes: >> 1. A philosopher develops a philosophy about life and death; > Hmmm, I wonder why that was changed to "philosopher" from "doctor of >philosophy" in my edition.

This is probably timing. My "New Slant on Life" is copyright 1965 and I'm guessing that Hubbard's honorary Ph.D. was after this.

>> Scientology ... endeavors to help the individual discover past >> experiences.... > What sort of information from previous lives is recollectable? For

When past lives are encountered it is usually while backtracking on a chain, or sequence, of related incidents, more or less unknown, which have some sort of emotional/spiritual trauma associated with them.

That means that the data recovered is somewhat selective and narrow of experience generally. There are also mental/spiritual mechanisms of forgetting which occur between lives, which can be researched in oneself.

>> ... you can't over-value the state of Clear. It has never been >> achieved before. > > L. Ron Hubbard has been quoted as saying: "Neither Lord Buddha nor >Jesus Christ were OTs according to the evidence. They were just a shade >above Clear." The reference is to Ability No. 81, 1959. Is this >quotation authentic? If so, how do you reconcile LRH's statement that >Jesus and Buddha were Clear with your statement above that Clear "has >never been achieved before"?

This is probably a correct quotation, though I could not find a copy of Ability Issue 81 handy. The gap in clarity here has to do with the historical sequence of research. Though the concepts of Clear and OT were easy to state, the practical, reliable, realization of those conditions took some time. The current Clear was not consistently and routinely achieved until June 65, and due to the clarification of the progression of spiritual gain, was defined more specifically and somewhat differently than in 1950. So, to put it more directly, the quotation refers to the 1950-58 frame of reference; and, the "never achieved before" quote refers to the post-1965 frame of reference.

> I'm posting rather than e-mailing because I'm a "suppressive person", >but my questions are nevertheless sincere. > Mark Israel

Sincere questions for the purpose of greater knowledge and understanding and the betterment of man are not a characteristic of a suppressive person. A suppressive person is bent on overtly, or covertly, harming others and anything that genuinely helps. They usually think they already know everything or are trying to get knowledge to further their goals to suppress others. They will be found endorsing harmful "helps," like drugs and shock therapy. He makes those around him sick, hostile, and feel worse, instead of better.


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