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Just the thread I was looking for... <short pause as I gulp down my Nortriptyline HCL>

In article <1991Sep04.074018.345093@locus.com> eastin@locus.com (Dick Eastin) writes: >>(2) If so, why? > >Keep in mind that Scientology is basically anti-drug as a foundation. >As I recall, there were enough (sorry, I don't know the numbers) reports >of induced anxiety, stress, suicidal tendencies, sleeplessness, etc. to >cause investigation by CCHR. As a result of that investigation they are >trying to get its widespread usage stopped.

If there are any psychiatric abuses, its that psychiatrists don't seem to inform their patients that they *might* have a bad reaction such as an anxiety attack, etc. Contrary to popular belief, drugs do not pick up a knife for you an slit your throat. It is quite possible to excersize control over your behavior provided that you realize the effects are drug induced. This is based on my own experience with desipramine.

Also, anxiety, stress, suicidal tendencies, and sleeplessness are all properties of depression.

Also, the number of patients who commit suicide on anti-depressant medication is .5%. The risk for depressed people w/o treatment is significantly higher. Thus, it *is* effective in saving lives.

>>(3) What is the church's opinion on modern psychiatric methods? > >What is a modern psychiatric method ?

What is modern Dianetic method? Anyone have any conclusive proof? Particularly proof which takes into account the fact that Scientologists recruit people off the street? They convince them that *THEY NEED HELP*, and working off of a mind which is probably rather normal to begin with, and they produce dramatic results! Amazing! It can't be compared to psychiatry where they do not recruit people, and deal with people who have quite significant problems.

>Setting that question aside, there is objection to drug and shock >therapy as they are physically harmful to the body

Bullshit. Sit down and read something on anti-depressant's side-effects on the body. Unless you're an 80-year old with a heart condition you aren't at any risk.

, which the spiritual >being needs in good condition for his optimum survival. Along with >that would go objection to surgical and electrical practices. >Included is hypnosis, whose relationship with the reactive mind is >pretty well covered in the Dianetics book and a few other references >from the early 1950's. An objection could be made, from the >framework of Scientology, that they don't know what they are doing, >and they have the bad results to prove it. Regardless of that >framework however, there is a noticeable lack of progress or gain >for man and society from their activities.

Oh really? at least 75% of all patients respond to anti-depressant medication.

-- Lamont Granquist lamontg@u.washington.edu

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