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Various people write: >>> 1. A philosopher develops a philosophy about life and death; >> Hmmm, I wonder why that was changed to "philosopher" from "doctor of >>philosophy" in my edition. > >This is probably timing. My "New Slant on Life" is copyright 1965 and I'm >guessing that Hubbard's honorary Ph.D. was after this. >

Its very sad if the history of the subject is being altered so that current Scientologists miss out on Hubbard's wonderfully eccentric (lunatic?) personality. His Ph.D was one of those degrees by mail order from diploma mills (Sequoia University as I recall). In the mad world of the '50s Hubbard, along with most people, felt that one needed academic qualifications to be credible. The degree served that purpose and he tacked the "Ph.D" to most of his writing. He also frequently claimed to have studied "atomic physics" at some University. He did but not long and not well. His understanding of Mathematics and Physics was extremely limited and those occasions where he tried to portray his understanding are quite ludicrous.

This is not to discount his contributions. But lets not forget the man. He was a charlaton and flim-flam man of the first order. -BST.

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