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In article <pmoloney.684350282@unix1.tcd.ie>, pmoloney@unix1.tcd.ie (Paul Moloney) writes: > kudwarf@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu writes: > >>So: did LRH really plagiarize off of Freud, or was he a secret supporter of >>Freud, who, upon Freud's loss of respect within the psychological >>community, rewrote and copied everything into an entirely new package, so >>that Freud's work, if not his name, could live on throughout the centuries... > > No, no. > > L. Ron did it for the money and the babes. Pretty simple really. And it > worked a treat. He probably won that bet with Heinlein too. > > The latest I've heard is that John Travolta and Patrick Swayze are > scientologists. If that's not enough to convince people what a pile of > garbage it all is, I don't know what is. > > P.

Of course, the latest I've heard regarding John Travolta's involvement with Scientology is that he remains involved because the Scientology high mucky-mucks are using details of his secret homosexual urges and liasions to blackmail him into staying and using his name in their publicity. Another thespian in Scientology is Kirstie Alley (Yup, both the stars of "Look Who's Talking" are in it; didn't LRH believe in pre-natal memories?). The reason so many actors and actresses are Scientologists is because of Scientology's "Celebrity Center", in which thespians and related professionals receive lavish luxury, excellent career counselors, and generally move up the OT ladder much easier than the common slob. In return for getting this attention, Scientology then gets to use their names and careers to get the Joe/Jane Averages to fork over their life savings in exchange for an almost too-good-to-be-true reward (much like other religions, except that those other religions don't charge you to enter the <insert favorite positive afterlife phrase here>.), promptly dropping those who can't afford it anymore and aren't willing to become slaves instead, and hunting down the rich who leave of their own accord.

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