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nyet@cco.caltech.edu (n liu) writes: ... >This brings up an interesting point.. Clearly, there should be TWO >FAQ listings - one for scientologists, one for non-scientologists, ...

Absolutely! That is, there is no reason to expect the scientologists to abstain from posting their tired advertising schtick on the net, so somebody who is more knowledgable about scientology (and has more time) than me should assemble a FAQ to combat the misinformation. I personally would especially appreciate any news about what has been going on in the COS since LRH ascended to a higher level...

I would also like a list of references to books written by scientology survivors, skeptical researchers, etc.

>Personally, I may just unsubscribe to this group altogether, unless >a useful debate ensues soon. I was hoping to find any reasonable >evidence that Scientology is NOT a scam, but sadly, none surfaced. >And I fancied myself open-minded. Perhaps that was a mistake. >-- >nyet@cobalt.cco.caltech.edu >nyet@aerospace.aero.org

I don't think useful debate between the two sides is possible, it's like arguing with a missionary: no fun, no challenge, and no effect. I have remained subscribed to this group as a spectator sport: to observe the fine art of foolbaiting (I recently dropped alt.flame because of the volume...). I was interested in scientology several years ago (as a subject, not as a religion), but I have fallen behind in my reading until recently.

Additional thread suggestions: how about some speculations on the future of scientology? Any amateur (or professional) {anthro|socio}logists have any ideas?

how about similar charismatic/secretive organizations like Larouchites, leftover brainwash cults, etc.?

Let's see some interesting stuff here!

Bruce J. Bell =20 bruce@tybalt.caltech.edu

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