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In article <1991Sep10.042109.225492@cs.cmu.edu> lindsay+@cs.cmu.edu (Donald Lindsay) writes: > >The FAQ which was just posted is a blatant advertisement, which >doesn't address the less positive aspects of the church. To add balance: > >"The Science Fiction Encyclopedia" (Peter Nicholls, copyright 1979, >Doubleday): > >"Hubbard also taught that traumas could be pre-natal, and eventually >that they could have been suffered during previous incarnations. A >"clear", one who had successfully rid himself of aberrations, would >possess, according to Hubbard, radically increased intelligence, >powers of telepathy, the ability to move outside his body, the >ability to control such somatic processes as growing new teeth, and a >photographic memory. ... In 1952, after an organizational rift,

The abilities of a "clear", outlined above, would if demonstrated win many converts for the Church, if not the planet. Forgive me, I haven't a "radically increased intelligence", can a Scientologist tell me why there hasn't been any (well-publicized) demonstration of the unusual powers gained by Clears?

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