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george@brooks.ics.uci.edu (George Herson) writes:

>In article <28CDFF27.1393@ics.uci.edu> george@ics.uci.edu (George Herson) writes: >>>"The Science Fiction Encyclopedia" (Peter Nicholls, copyright 1979, >>>Doubleday): >>> >>>"Hubbard also taught that traumas could be pre-natal, and eventually >>>that they could have been suffered during previous incarnations. A >>>"clear", one who had successfully rid himself of aberrations, would >>>possess, according to Hubbard, radically increased intelligence, >>>powers of telepathy, the ability to move outside his body, the >>>ability to control such somatic processes as growing new teeth, and a >>>photographic memory. ... In 1952, after an organizational rift, >> >>The abilities of a "clear", outlined above, would if demonstrated win >>many converts for the Church, if not the planet. Forgive me, I >>haven't a "radically increased intelligence", can a Scientologist tell >>me why there hasn't been any (well-publicized) demonstration of the >>unusual powers gained by Clears? >>

This is from _Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science_ by Martin Gardner (2nd edition, Dover, 1957). Dianetics rates a whole chapter:

----------------------- In 1950, speaking to an audience of 6,000 in the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, Hubbard introduced a coed named Sonya Bianca as a clear who had attained perfect recall of all "perceptics" (sense perceptions) for every moment of her past. In the demonstration that followed, however, she failed to remember a single formula in physics (the subject in which she was majoring), or the color of Hubbard's tie when his back was turned. At this point, a large part of the audience got up and left. Hubbard later produced a neat dianetic explanation for the fiasco. He had called her from the wings by saying, "Will you come out here _now_, Sonya?" The "now" got her stuck in present time... ----------------------

Perhaps someone can provide a more recent (and less risible) example? (Gardner, or course, should be required reading. Catch him every quarter in _Skeptical Inquirer_.)

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