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christir@mentor.cc.purdue.edu (Christi) writes:

>In article <1991Sep11.043723.25441@cco.caltech.edu> bruce@cco.caltech.edu (Bruce James Bell) writes:

> I would also like a list of references to books written by scientology > survivors, skeptical researchers, etc.

>what sort of books are you interested in? hubbard's son wrote one >book along with bent corydon... there's also a book out by jon atack. >the former is a bit slanted. it's more of an attack on the people >than on their actions. i've been told that atack's book is very good. >cooper's book is only so-so. some of her information is incorrect, >which i found disappointing.

I am interested in any book that would provide insight into the workings and sociology of Scientology, whether a skeptical or scholarly type or a true-confessions type. Highly slanted books are less desirable, but could be interesting if only for the reaction of the person who wrote it.

Also, an indication of how to find these books might be useful. I vaguely remember reading that Scientologists like to find and destroy library books that show them in a bad light, and there are a number of Scientology outlets in the area where I live. Can anybody tell me if this is actually the case (book vandalism) and provide references? I really hate to propagate inaccurate information...

I did read the recent article in Time and some of the (less recent) articles in the LA Times (if you don't live in the LA area, you might want to see if you can find them on microfilm at your local library).

I am especially interested in any reliable information on how the Church is shaping up not that LRH has retired to writing bad science-fiction books :-)

Bruce J. Bell bruce@tybalt.caltech.edu

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